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by Aparentment


From something as simple as a dot and a dash, a new communication code was born that made possible to send complex messages between remote places almost instantaneously long before the time of the video calls. It was a revolution. A simple, efficient and international code, bare of embellishments, but ready to communicate anything. That is the spirit that inspired morse, a lamp as minimalist, durable and timeless as the code, illuminating without ambition, yet creating environments as complex as messages sent from ship to ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Morse is a suspension lamp, modular, adjustable, with a moving structure and adaptable to any space. The dashes of its code allow the light points to individually rotate along the metal structure to focus on what is of interest or to just blend with the backdrop. Morse is prepared to produce direct light as well as ambient indirect illumination, always sophisticated and contemporary. Whatever the message is, Morse can communicate it by simply positioning the light points with a simple and functional gesture.

If there is something artistic and musical about the Morse code is the flow of dots and lines transformed into sound. The Morse pendant finds it playing with light. Simplicity and efficiency in a design meant to last.

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