Hassotel, Belgium

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The Hassotel is a gorgeous hospitality project in Belgium that is illuminated by an assortment of Estiluz lamps with integrated dimmable LED lighting. The lobby uses a large number of ALFI pendants, customized according to the client's needs, to create a truly breath-taking design and composition. The hallways and rooms use the Alfi wall sconce with laser cut room numbers. The rooms use a combination of the CIRC Table Lamp and Circ Floor Lamp. The two families - Circ and Alfi - use similar concepts in their design making them perfect as complementary lamps. The interior design work here truly gives this hotel the luxurious and high-end.

Hassotel Vertical Circ 1
Hassotel Circ 2
Hassotel Vertical 5
Hassotel Vertical Circ 3
Hassotel Vertical Alfi 1
Hassotel Vertical Alfi 2
Hassotel Vertical Alfi Wall 1