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Estiluz is excited to announce that the ALFI has been selected as the winner for the 2020 NYCxDESIGN Award in Architectural Lighting! Presented by Interior Design and ICFF, the A&D community came together to celebrate New York City's top projects and products with the first virtual ceremony for the NYCxDesign Awards. While the world is going through many challenges due to the pandemic, host Editor in Chief Cindy Allen had encouraging words to open up the show. "We know that we will come out of this stronger than ever, and the design community will continue to inspire and provide solutions to the world."

Designed by estudi{H}ac, the ALFI draws inspiration from the world of fashion to create an elegant, playful and modern light. The composition selected for this award maximizes one of our strengths as a company - flexibility. The ALFI's standard version is based on simplicity and uses that to create a beautiful and delicate design. This multi-pendant composition - equipped with a long stretching curved canopy - turns it into a truly eye-catching piece that reaches through the entire room. Each pendant is able to move independently making it highly adjustable - allowing designers to effortlessly create countless different patterns and configurations.

We're truly honored and proud to be receiving this award and we will continue pushing to create timeless lighting! We sincerely thank all those that made this possible.

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