Acoustics and lighting come together in our Circ and Revolta collections, designed by Nahtrang Studio


20240320 Revoltaacoustic Head

Ceiling and suspension lamps in many formats and sizes incorporate sound-absorbing panels. Decorative pieces are customizable and available in an extensive range of colors. These colorful circles add volume and division capacity to large spaces, a unique proposal to reduce noise in shared environments.

Corporate offices, restaurants, shops, hotels, and other spacious and crowded spaces can be affected by noise pollution. However, through good acoustic conditioning integrated to the interior design, contract projects enjoy private and calm spaces without losing spaciousness. Likewise, those in residential or smaller-scale settings are also suitable for incorporating these elements and soundproofing, for example, bedrooms.

Along with careful lighting, creating a pleasant acoustic environment represents one of the primary sources of well-being. Noise mitigation promotes rest, conversation, and productivity. Among others, these factors are closely related to people’s health and the positive experience of users and visitors of a space.

Our passion for light drives us to offer functional, modern, and aesthetic solutions that adapt to each project needs. Circ and Revolta provide double comfort, both in lighting and acoustics, as shown in the various models and compositions of both families. The Circ t-3825 flush mount includes panels between semi-spheres of enveloping light and the lightweight circular design in the hanging T-3635 and T-3636 from Revolta.

Thanks to environmentally friendly materials, these independent panels are an excellent choice for sustainable and long-lasting insulation. Whether upholstered in virgin wool, it is a natural, renewable, and biodegradable fiber with exceptional insulating properties. Or foam, made from 60% recycled plastic from bottles.

In projects such as the Spear Street Building, the Grand Koper Hotel, or the Grassoler stand, various models of Estiluz acoustic luminaires have already been placed in lobbies and gathering areas. We advocate their use in the privacy of hotel rooms, homes, and meeting areas.

Suspended, attached to the ceiling or wall, they bring character and serenity to all kinds of spaces. Lamps that encourage us to observe the light and listen to the silence. The result of our continuous commitment to innovation and the pursuit of excellence, stand out in all our creative projects since 1969.

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