How to integrate lighting and plants


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Includes plants in pendants and floor lamps

Green is in fashion now. Customers like to buy in bulk. People are constantly looking for more sustainable, eco-friendly products. Going green and protecting the environment is no longer a niche subject that only matters to a small percentage of people. Outside of the obvious environmental impact, we enjoy nature because it makes us feel good. We go to the park, we take a walk on the beach, and we go on a hike and get some fresh air. It is always relaxing. But what if you could get a little bit of all that green indoors or at the office? In addition to colour and textiles, lamps and plants are two of the most powerful elements in decoration when creating spaces full of personality and life. Can you imagine combining them into one product?

Floor lamp with vegetation

A simple way to incorporate green into your daily life is in small doses. We recommend something simple like a pedestal with a flower near your reading corner. What if we combine your favourite plant with a warm and comforting light? The Asana floor lamp offers the possibility of adding a small table on it which is perfect for a potted plant. Asana's identity and charisma do the rest. The illuminated arm has a 140 ° turn to achieve the ideal position of the light - so all you have to do is sit and relax. You don't have to wait for the weekend to see a little green.

Pendants with vegetation

For large spaces that make it difficult to incorporate plants - you can use modern chandeliers that allow for additions. By including potted plants, you can create your own indoor hanging garden. This is one of the main concepts behind the Circ and Laverd pendants. Thanks to its double tiered structure, it allows you to combine their soft and elegant lighting with greenery and plants to fill the space with freshness. The result is a suspension lamp with a metal frame that is full of life. Imagine the bottom tier full of ribbons, ferns, ivy, or other hanging plants. Get ready for versatile, modern, and customizable lighting that will make you feel like you are in a botanical garden!


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