We asked our creative team at Tactica to surprise us. The result? Volta in Memphis style!


Volta Mempmhis Pral V2

We love to reinterpret and reimagine our lamps, which is why we asked our creative team at Tactica to surprise us, and they certainly did. We absolutely adore our Volta in Memphis style!

Memphis was a group of designers led by Ettore Sottsass who aimed to break dogmas and started a new design trend, known as "antidesign." Very eclectic. They blended design with art, sophistication with kitsch, and always used color as the main character.

Their radical approach marked an entire era back in the 80s. They were also influential for Nahtrang, sparking the idea to create our Volta x Memphis, which will remain as a genuine collector's piece.

A simple creative endeavor to close the circle between Memphis and Nahtrang: from being references for them to being referenced in the lamp.

With this interpretation, Tactica transports us to an eclectic, daring, and vibrant universe with Volta like we've never seen before. Do you like it?

Limited Edition On Sale!

Only 55 numbered units of Volta in Memphis Style to celebrate our 55th anniversary!

Order yours at estiluz@estiluz.com

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