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by Boti de Dominicis Studio

There has been no element more significant, more present and more symbolic throughout history than a dome, which for centuries has represented heaven on earth. Now this symbolism is merged with modernity to create Cupolina, a collection of timeless lights where the dome is the source of light.

Cupolina is available as a floor lamp, table lamp, wall lamp and suspension light, all of which have the same common element, a small dome from which the light emerges. It is combined with different metal structures to adapt it to each space and to each need. Cupolina’s rounded lines are always proportionate and balanced, creating elegant and versatile lamps which are designed to enrich the space in which they are placed. All models are available in white, black and terracotta.

Designed by

Boti de Dominicis Studio

Boti Dedominicisb