Residential Project, Ukraine

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This residential project in the Ukraine uses the BUTTON decorative pendant to light up the kitchen counter. The BUTTON has multiple functions that allow it to work perfectly in this kind of space. The track lighting style with a modern twist can illuminate a large amount of ground. This linear set up covers nearly the entire counter. Each individual lamp head can be moved around on the track. Each head also lights up and dims independently with the touch of a button. Very simple and easy to adapt. If you need a specific spot to have more lighting, there is enough flexibility to adjust it to your needs. Typically, this type of style of light is used more in office settings but Katya Kush uses the strengths of the fixture and it just works perfectly for the kitchen.

The second function of the BUTTON that works here is that it serves as a natural shelf. Again - this is a feature that we normally advertise as a bookshelf but here it can be used for any kitchen materials that you would use often. The lamp is right at eye level which allows the materials to be right within reach. It also adds a little life to the lamp. Instead of just a simple linear track light, you immediately see that this lamp can do more. Function and aesthetics. Soft, dimmable LED lighting with adjustable heads along with a sleek, modern design that’s great for luxury spaces.

Interior design by Katya Kush. Photography by Pasha Lutov. Button by Francesc Rife.

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