Sales Policy


We are a brand of recognized prestige worldwide thanks to the prominence and uniqueness of our designs and the quality of our products. This prominence has led us to have an important commercial worldwide presence through a curated distribution network. This is the reason why ESTILUZ uses a selective distribution system for the commercialization of its products, choosing with great care those who will be ambassadors of the ESTILUZ brand worldwide.

In this sense, and as a requirement to keep you in our selective distribution network, we consider important to respect and comply with the following guidelines that constitute ESTILUZ's trade policy applicable throughout our distribution network, which will allow our clients to enjoy considerable discounts.

1. The distributor's product offer must be in line with ESTILUZ's commercial policy, and the prestige and exclusivity image associated with the ESTILUZ brand. For this purpose, the website must have an appropriate configuration and layout.

2. The product and presentation should be directed to a medium-high segment.

3. The offer of the products must be accompanied by the appropriate description and information about the configuration and functionality of the product.

4. The ESTILUZ mark, like all designs and images of ESTILUZ products are protected by industrial and/or intellectual property rights owned by ESTILUZ. To this end, ESTILUZ will provide you with a link to download the ESTILUZ logo, photographs, images, videos, texts, etc. updated and accurate.

5. In order to take care of the ESTILUZ brand image, consistent with the quality and characteristics of the products, recommended sales prices shall be indicated.

6. For the same purpose, ESTILUZ will disclose its discounts policies as well as the discounts recommended for each of the different campaigns and promotional programs.

7. Discontinued products, which are still in stock, may be sold in accordance with factory conditions.

ESTILUZ's new sales policy took effect March 1st, 2021. Estiluz reserves the right to stop business relationship with any client if it is considered detrimental to Estiluz’s business or image. Contact us with any doubts or questions via email at