New lighting trends reaffirm the balance between functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability


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We present the 2024 design lighting trends for interiors and exteriors. Merging our passion for light with innovative concepts entering the market, this year solidifies the balance between functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.

Versatility Defines Space: Mood

Versatility has emerged as a key element in interior design. Mood has the ability to adapt to different environments and moments, leading the trend of personalization and modularity. This lamp not only illuminates but redefines the space in every situation.

The same screen can be attached to various supports and in different positions to maximize adaptation to the changes of a nomadic life. The Mood easily transforms into a pendant lamp, floor lamp, table lamp, or wall sconce depending on what you need.

20240101 2024trends Mood


Timeless Elegance: Compass

The timeless elegance of Compass aligns with the pursuit of designs that transcend trends. In 2024, this piece stands out, reflecting the essence of Estiluz by combining functionality and aesthetics.

Pure and simple lines, drawn from delicate references to art and everyday life, transforms a wide variety of spaces with a timeless narrative. By playing with the weight and the movement of the elements you can change the light's geometry and functionality at any moment.

20240101 2024trends Compass


Modernity and Avant-garde: Volta

This Estiluz icon, with its contemporary design, reflects the brand's futuristic vision. Geometry at the service of minimalist design. Volta's delicate arches and simple cylinders form this complete family of individual lamps and group combinations that leave all audiences satisfied.

20240101 2024trends Volta


Minimalist Elegance: Tik

As the latest addition to our collection, Tik brings minimalist elegance to 2024. Designed primarily for outdoor spaces, it complements any area by offering lighting that merges style and simplicity.

A delicate intersection of shapes gives Tik an interesting differentiating feature in the outdoor lighting scene. The inspiration originates from the idea of transforming a simple and accessible element like the tube into a captivating collection of lighting designed to enhance outdoor spaces.

20240101 2024trends Tik


Experiment with these unique pieces to transform your environment. The designs adapt to your every need by finding the balance between functionality and aesthetics. Our commitment to sustainability and quality production ensures the longevity of the lamps.

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