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by Nahtrang Studio

Why MOOD is different:

 The essence of MOOD is to create environments, always immersive, always changing. MOOD is transformed and transported, accompanying us in every space, in every moment of the day.

 The design of Nahtrang Studio's Mood collection offers flexible and versatile lighting. The same shade can be attached to different supports and in different positions to adapt as much as possible to the changes of a nomadic life, and easily become a suspension lamp, floor, table or wall lights. Thus, the innovative design of Mood dissuades its users from placing it in a fixed location and facilitates that it can be moved from one place to another without complications or installations.

The different possibilities of Mood arise from a single piece: a rounded head that works as a shade, hides an LED strip, and provides a diffuser effect, which makes this light a unique and hypnotic piece. By means of different types of fixings and supports, this head can be located wherever you want: in an overhead position, mural or on supports, becoming a floor lamp or table lamp. In this way, a single head can provide up to four different types of luminaires.

Designed by

Nahtrang Studio

Nahtrangstudio Designer Mincolor