Lamps with vegetation bring light and natural life indoors


20240522 Head Vegetation Estiluz

For some time now, lamps that incorporate vegetation have been conquering a variety of spaces, from offices and restaurants to hotels and private residences. Their presence creates welcoming and fresh environments, enhancing the design of each space.

Estiluz has embraced the philosophy of biophilia, satisfying the growing desire to connect with nature by incorporating a ring of very natural-looking artificial plants into a series of pendant lamps. The ring can be combined with Aro, Circ, and Laverd: three visually striking suspension options for large spaces and high ceilings.

The Ottobock offices in Austin (USA) are an excellent example of integrating lamps with vegetation. Strategically placed in the office environment, these plants create a renewed and lively atmosphere that foster creativity, productivity, and a deeper connection with the natural world.

In hotel spaces like RH Silence Castellón (Spain), Aqua Dome Tirol (Austria), or the Riley’s restaurant (Canada), the incorporation of vegetation and Estiluz lamps has brought a new focus and feel to the space. With plants accompanying visitors during their stay, it effortlessly creates a more pleasant environment connected to the natural surroundings.

The introduction of lamp designs with vegetation in indoor spaces marks a step forward that offers an innovative approach to interior design with the incorporation of biophilia. This fusion of vegetation and lighting sets a new standard in the industry, providing a unique synergy that combines nature, functionality, and design harmoniously.

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