Private apartment, Netherlands

Residence Netherlands 00

The project designed by Lichtstudio Ralph Blankenaauw BV only included the kitchen, which was undergoing an update, of an apartment located in the beautiful city Maastricht. The idea behind the lighting concept was to create a space with light to see, but also to be seen. Looking to the overall design of the kitchen, the colors and materials being used, the designer thought it was a perfect match for the CIRC wall light with a circular ring, a sphere illuminated with dimmable LED light and glass shade. As the designer comments, he chose this light globe of light with a slender metal ring with a double intention: create a subtle decorative light which at the same times functions as task lighting.

CIRC collection designed by Nahtrang Studio.
Project designed by Lichtstudio Ralph Blankenaauw BV

Residence Netherlands 01
Residence Netherlands 02