The Paris event showcased innovation and the best of Spanish design in the realm of residential living


20231214 Casaespana Head

In the heart of Parisian elegance, Estiluz made its mark at the Casa España exhibition held at the iconic Villa Émerige. This showcase provided the perfect platform to highlight Spanish innovation and design - to serve as an introduction for French interior designers and architects.

Curated by the French magazine "Á Vivre", specializing in design, architecture, and exteriors, the exhibition focused on presenting solutions and expertise for residential living, as well as for office and outdoor spaces.

Estiluz presented a carefully crafted selection of iconic lamps, seamlessly blending them with the latest releases, including Tik, Frame, Revolta, Bols, Compass, Cupolina, Circ, and Mood. Each of these pieces reflected Estiluz's essence in the various showcased spaces, merging functionality and aesthetics.

The exhibition created a comfortable and interactive space that fostered networking, collaboration, and synergy among brands. Furthermore, Estiluz strengthened its presence in the French market, the primary destination for Spanish interior design products.

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