Official Presentation of the New TIK Lamp Designed by Boti de Dominicis Studio


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From September 19th to the 22nd, we visited the city of Valencia to unveil the new TIK lamp and to continue to showcase the concepts of Compass and Mood, two families that blend functionality with timeless and contemporary design. Additionally, we also showcased the collections Bols and Frame, which were introduced last year, along with the iconic Volta.

For the booth design, we once again entrusted La Galería Estudio, which amazed everyone with an environment featuring different spaces reserved for each lamp family, impressing all of the attendees.

We also had the pleasure of accompanying different brands in their booths: Grassoler with Cupolina; Mobenia with Compass, Cyls and Volta; and Actiu with Bols and Morse. Furthermore, we were present in the commemorative exhibition of estudi{H}ac's 20 years of history, featuring the Alfi family, as well as in a new edition of "Escenarios de un futuro cercano".

We concluded the fair with very positive responses from visitors about our new TIK lamp, as well as the consolidation of Compass, Mood, Bols and Frame families.

We look forward to seeing you next year in a new edition of Habitat Valencia Fair!


Booth design by La Galería Estudio
Photography by Ángel Segura

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