Canut - Wall lamps

Metallic wall lamp with fixed arm providing indirect light and one adjustable reading arm providing direct light. Integrated LED and independent on/off push button switch for reading lamp.

Ideal for the bedroom and to be placed on the headboard.

Canut Wall Lights A-3571


LED 3,2W 

(3000K / Ang. 50º / >90 CRI / 350mA)
100V - 240V / Typ* 350 lumens
Non dimmable
On/Off push button switch

+ Secondary bulb


(3000K / Ang. 120º / >80 CRI / 24V)
100V - 240V / Typ* 150 lumens
Non dimmable


Finish Body

26 BLK
47 NI M
74 WH

Designed by

Ximo Roca Diseño

Ximo Roca Secondary

Decorative design wall lamp for the bedroom, to be placed on the headboard, manufactured by Estiluz. Metallic wall lamp with one adjustable reading arm. Second arm is fixed, providing indirect light. Integrated LED. Contact us for more information.

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