Lune - Wall lamps

Metal wall lamp suitable for indoor and outdoor with an interior shade made of polyethylene and integrated dimmable LED. The curved metal front plate allows laser-cut signage with custom creations including ideograms, logos and texts.

Ideal for the bedroom, corridor, garden, terrace, bathroom, spa, hotel, retail shop and restaurant.

Lune Wall Lights A-3370


LED 10W 

(2700K / Ang. 120º / >90 CRI)

230V / Typ* 870 lumens

Dimmable Triac


Finish Indoor & Outdoor

26 BLK
74 WH

Finish Only Indoor

61 S GLD
37 NI
52 WD (Wood)

Designed by

Joan Cinca

Joan Cinca   La Produqtora

Decorative design wall lamp for the bedroom, corridor, garden or terrace, manufactured by Estiluz. Polyethylene wall lamp with a metallic plate in front. Indirect light with an integrated dimmable LED. Suitable for outoor and for signage. Contact us for more information.

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