Lune - Wall lamps

Metal wall lamp suitable for indoor and outdoor with an interior shade made of polyethylene and integrated dimmable LED. The curved metal front plate allows laser-cut signage with custom creations including ideograms, logos and texts.

Ideal for the bedroom, corridor, garden, terrace, bathroom, spa, hotel, retail shop and restaurant.

Lune Wall Lights A-3370



(2700K / Ang. 120º / >80 CRI)

120V / Typ* 820 lumens

Dimmable Triac

Finish Indoor & Outdoor

26 BLK
74 WH

Finish Only Indoor

61 S GLD
37 NI

Designed by

Joan Cinca

Joan Cinca   La Produqtora

Decorative design wall lamp for the bedroom, corridor, garden or terrace, manufactured by Estiluz. Polyethylene wall lamp with a metallic plate in front. Indirect light with an integrated dimmable LED. Suitable for outoor and for signage. Contact us for more information.

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