Flower shop Rosanflor, Spain

Floristeria Rosanflor 00

The art of transforming the basic elements of nature into something material.

Designed by José Manuel Ferrero and his team estudi{H}ac, the project ROSANFLOR in Valencia, Spain was inspired the main elements of plant growth: earth/soil, water, and light. They manage to create an elegant and contemporary space, distancing itself from the busy style these shops normally have.

The ALFI suspension was selected as the decorative light to transform this space and it acquires great importance due to its privileged location and gives the space a casual touch thanks to the adjustable stems.

As this is a flower shop, it was important that the lighting was full of life without detracting from the flowers being sold by the client. The ALFI collection was perfect choice for this - its simplicity and playfulness combined with the flair of multiple pendants brings it all together.

The RosanFlor space has obtained a warm reception in Spain among interior design professionals, being featured in the digital edition of magazines such as CasaDecor, DiarioDesign and Arquitectura y Diseño.

ALFI collection designed by estudi{H}ac.
Photograpy by Adrián Mora Maroto.

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