Showroom Krion - Porcelanosa Group, Spain

Showroom Krion Porcelanosa Grupo (2)

The KRION showroom in Castellon by Estudihac features the REVOLTA - a decorative lighting pendant for all kinds of spaces. In this particular project, Estudihac brings out two of the defining qualities of the REVOLTA - simplicity and elegance. While the REVOLTA offers many different compositions and all kinds of ways to combine many different fixtures, this design says “less is more.” By using just one single light pendant per table, the space is left completely open. The room can flow naturally without any disturbance. That’s one of the positive aspects of such a clean and subtle design. It is most definitely visually pleasing but it can easily blend in if necessary. 

While the REVOLTA boasts a clearly elegant design, Estudihac truly accentuates the beauty with the arrangment here. The symmetry here uses the circular shape of the light in a gorgeous way. The alignment with the tables allow the lamps to be perfectly spaced out. Not too far. Not too close. It’s a decision that can be complicated when figuring where the lighting needs to go. The satin gold heads on the pendants serve as a final touch of elegance in the room filled with black, white, and gray. The metal plated satin gold heads are attractive enough to catch your eye but not large enough to detract from the rest of the space. 

Krion Showroom - Porcelanosa Group. Interior design by Estudi{H}ac. Photography by Alfonso Calza. 

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