Mood is a Best of Year Awards 2023 Winner in the Architectural Lighting Category


20231211 Moodboy Head

We are thrilled to announce that Mood, the innovative creation by Estiluz designed by Nahtrang Studio, has been honored at the Best of Year Awards 2023 in the category of Architectural Lighting. This recognition highlights excellence and innovation in lamp design. We take pride in seeing how Mood stands out among the best of the year in the industry.

At Estiluz, we blend functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability to provide decorative design lamps that adapt to the needs of each project. Mood embodies this essence. Its unique design allows a single screen to be attached to various supports and positions, accommodating the changes of a nomadic life, creating immersive and ever-changing environments. It can easily transform into a pendant lamp, floor lamp, tabletop lamp, or wall sconce.

Mood's innovative design challenges the notion of a lamp with a fixed location. Its versatility allows it to be moved from one place to another without complications or installations. All of this is made possible by a single rounded head that acts as a screen, providing a diffuser effect, turning the lamp into a truly unique and mesmerizing piece.

Interior Design's Best of Year Awards represent the pinnacle of excellence in the design industry. In its 18th edition, these awards recognize the outstanding achievements of the year across all design categories. The award ceremony took place on December 7, where Mood by Estiluz was recognized as a standout in the Architectural Lighting category.

Mood not only illuminates spaces, but redefines versatility and innovation in lighting design. This prestigious award is a testament to our commitment to excellence and the ability to offer unique and memorable lighting solutions.

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