Light transforms an uninviting space into a world of beauty and warmth


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We present this new photo shoot in which we’ve collaborated with Nacho Alegre, a creative director and photographer from Barcelona who, in 2008, co-founded Apartamento Magazine, one of the most influential interior design publications out today.

In this shooting, light takes the center stage - aiming to create a warm embrace that transforms darkness into clarity, turning hostile spaces into cozy corners. Bols, Frame, and Cupolina lamps, presented last year, can be seen next to the new collections - Mood and Compass - in an environment far from what we are used to seeing.

This artistic proposal interacts light with the industrial environment, playing with the hostility of the space and the warmth of the lamps, showing them like we have never seen before.

You can see these lamps from April 18th to 23rd at Euroluce, in the 61st edition of the Salone del Mobile Milano.


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