Exploring the creation process and versatility of Estiluz's flagship lamp


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Volta has truly become an icon in interior lighting, proudly embodying the essence of Estiluz. Its versatility stems from delicate arches and simple cylinders, forming a complete family of individual lamps and group compositions that captivate any space.

From its inception with initial sketches to its debut in 2016, Volta has undergone a long journey that has shaped it into the icon it is today. Highlighted by symmetry and asymmetry, versatility, and functionality - the end result is a compelling, sincere, elegant, and refined collection.

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Volta pays homage to the traditional Catalan vault (volta catalana), a construction method originating from Roman times. This architectural form, characterized by gentle curves and lightweight materials, has been used by great architects of Catalan modernism such as Antoni Gaudí and Josep Puig i Cadafalch. Nahtrang and Estiluz pay tribute to the greats with this lamp.

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If you want to learn more details about its creation and concept, you can check out the interview we did with the designers - Nahtrang Studio.

Beyond the Volta's minimalism, its concept also allows for endless compositions and arrangements that reveal different facets of its design. Furthermore, with its floor, table, or wall-mounted versions, among others, the Volta family offers a wide variety of options to adapt to diverse interior spaces.

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