Transformation of a penthouse in Rome to create a contemporary, warm and cozy space

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A project led by architect Carola Vannini, whose designs are inspired by her diverse
international experiences and a deep respect for the use of existing contemporary architectural languages, seeking a balance between the old and the new.

Her projects always take into account the aesthetic and functional needs of clients - keeping them involved throughout the entire creative process, including furniture design and details, thus creating unique, cohesive, and personalized spaces.

This penthouse project in Rome is divided into two levels and has been reorganized with the purpose of creating a contemporary yet warm and cozy space. The already spacious areas have been further opened up, creating a daytime area with multiple levels and perspectives.

The lighting design has been carefully crafted and creates pleasant scenarios through home automation. Estiluz has been chosen to illuminate the dining area and living room with the Volta family.

These lighting fixtures, in their suspension version, allow for focused lighting on tables, furniture, and corners. Adding a fine touch to the space and highlighting the other decorative elements. They blend seamlessly with the surroundings and accentuate the iconic nature of the arcs and cylinders that make up the Volta family.

Volta by Nahtrang Studio
Project by Carola Vannini
Photography by Marinella Paolini

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