Compass Family
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by Nahtrang Studio

Why COMPASS is Different:
Movement and Sensitivity + Elaborated Craftmanship + Structured Technology

Compass LIGHT distills into pure, simple structures. From delicate references from art and everyday life. The set of luminaires transform a rich diverse spaces into a timeless narrative of form and structure.

The collection expands into a vivid, nuanced balance between improvisation and structure, control and intuition. Compass is conceived  as a composed lights, characterised by a subtle poetic yet rigorous interpretation of technology, materials and functions.

The breaking starting point is an elegant tension of the movement of the compass, of how from a point of union we can vary the angles, the form and the light.

Compass family of elements, have a vision of formal delicacy, whose almost imperceptible structure could generate flexible geometries tensioned by the small spheres of light that make up the main visual body of the ensemble.

Theree is an interplay of weights and gravitational movement of the elements, and the same luminaire could change its geometry and functionality. Compass conforms a world of surprising and playfull compositional possibilities opens up. 

Designed by

Nahtrang Studio

Nahtrangstudio Designer Mincolor