Altafulla Mar Hotel

Altafulla Mar Hotel

Lighting project for Altafulla Mar, hotel, located on the beaches of the coast of Tarragona (Spain)

Mikonos, Dot, Cornet, and Shadow lamps are part of the rooms and outdoors of this new project.

Inside the Spanish Office Concept at Neocon

Inside the Spanish Office Concept at Neocon

Metropolis magazine and Interiors from Spain present a realization of the winning entry to the LiveWork SpanishStyle design competition from Jorge Herrera Estudio, featuring products from Spanish manufacturers exhibited in a casual workplace environment embodying the Mediterranean lifestyle and balance.

Espíritu mediterraneo; Twili

Twili; Mediterranean Spirit

A blend of functionality and emotion, that’s what Estudi Ribaudí sought to transmit with the new Twili collection for Estiluz. Twili recovers and elevates the beauty and practicality of Mediterranean culture through a fusion of references, tradition and craftsmanship that surprises with its attractive geometric and organic rhythm.

Button wins a MetropolisLikes at ICFF

Button wins a MetropolisLikes

Button lighting, designed by Francesc Rife, has been awarded the 2015 #MetropolisLikes at ICFF, held in New York, for its rail system and innovative design.

Let's ICFF

Let's ICFF® New York

The 27th edition of ICFF will be back in New York from May 16th to May 19th, full of events and activities treasured as the most important global habitat platform-North American design.

ICFF® is North America’s premiere trade showcase for architecture and fine interior design. The four-day show attracts more than 700 exhibitors from all points of the globe that specialize in high-end luxury design, and is attended by more than 32,000 discerning architects, interior designers, developers, retailers, and manufacturers from leading international firms.

In the context of design,“Made in Spain” is experiencing an excellent moment in perception as well as reputation in the US and our American subsidiary will be undertaking the trade mission of presenting our new take on publishing product design for the American market at the event.

Residential Villa in UK

Residential Villa in UK

Comprehensive decoration project residential villa in UK.

Design means iSaloni ©Pics by

Design means iSaloni

The 54th edition of the Salone del Mobile will fling open its doors from Tuesday 14th to Sunday 19th April, at the Rho Milan Fairgrounds. Quality and innovation, along with major collateral events and a comprehensive wide range of goods are the ingredients  that make the Salone such an unmissable event.

lámpara pie diseño Kant

Lighting and reading. Do we have adequate light spots?

For those of us who are passionate about reading, good decorative lighting must (and should) take this need into account. We can read almost anywhere, but we always appreciate an adequate light spot to make our task easier.

Aplique diseño cornet

Ideal lighting for your bedroom

Not all spaces are the same, and neither are all lighting needs. Here are some lighting tips and suggestions that will help make your bedroom a functional, welcoming space that is conducive to resting.

emma, estiluz, new, catalogue, design, 2015

New products catalogue

The Estiluz 2015 new products catalogue is now available. Emma, Maine, Button and Smile are the new collections presented in this catalogue supplement. Other important news are the addition of the new Copper finish, available in Siso, Siss, Luck, Mikonos, Obs Moon and Ellum collections, and the new Bronze and Grey Pearl shades in all versions of Iris collection. Finally, Shadow is now offered in a bi-color version and a smaller size to fit better with smaller dining-room tables.


lighting design

Emma, new arrivals with a touch of colour

Among the new arrivals presented in the preview of the Estiluz 2015 catalogue, apart from the new collections, the new finishes and the success of copper, we especially want to highlight the colours. We have added a touch of colour to our lamps!

estiluz, in interiHOTEL

Sharing a space with leading Spanish design brands

Collaborative environments, sharing experiences and living new adventures. This is what makes us great, what motivates us and makes us grow day by day. This is especially the case if it can be done in good company! Company such as that of the #redmembers who spent the last week at the #RedLounge of InteriHOTEL.

lámparas de diseño de cobre

The age of copper has arrived

Silver, chrome, gold... and now copper. These are trend-setting chemical elements that have become part of the decoration. The truth is that I love them all, but I recognise that now is the time for copper!

Diseño Barcelona en la Barcelona en la Beijing Design

Design with the Barcelona brand at Beijing Design Week 2014

Phew... Time flies! And we still haven’t told you that we were at the last Beijing Design Week 2014: Asia’s leading design, architecture, urbanism and contemporary creation festival, held in China. There, we joined over 40 companies and design studios to represent Barcelona as a guest city, on a business mission that featured the exhibition “Barcelona, a future inspired by design." Quite an experience!

Maine A_3410L LED wall sconce

Maine, heart of steel

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lighting design

The magic of design: from a sketch to reality

Four doodles not well done. Some lines that seem like incomprehensible words.  A group of arrows that simulate some kind of movement…a paper, a map, a doodle that you can’t understand but that has a lot to say. That is the magic of design!



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lighting app

Beyond augmented reality

Did you know that you can interact with our catalogue? Taking your mobile, scanning a symbol and accessing additional information is very common nowadays. Everyone has done it. And now it is also possible with the catalogue of designer lamps by Estiluz.

eco design

Sustainability: a matter of design

In a society which is increasingly concerned with sustainability and the environment, the preference for environmentally respectful products and practices (also called eco-friendly) is growing exponentially.


Smile, please!

Smile is a lamp. Specifically, it is a bathroom wall lamp. However, Smile has somehow quickly turned into a "nice" product, a beloved design that quickly grows on people. Can we really talk about a lamp like this? I think so.

Architectural lighting

#BDW, design, innovation and entrepreneurship

How to boost innovation in your company to deal with the changes in the contract market. This is the name of the workshop that Estiluz will be holding during the upcoming Barcelona Design Week. It is a very promising title for architects, interior designers, engineers and anybody who has an influence over designer products or prescribes them.

creativity and design

Passion for design

A design can be a project, the conception of an object, its shape or even a sketch, a stroke or a simple mental image. For us however, design is also a style, a trend and a way of thinking, feeling and living.

button lamp

Elegance and functionality: distinction in projects

Interior design projects always have one feature that stands out visually: a colour, an object, a light spot, and so on. However, in order to close the circle of any great professional project, every element needs to have a purpose.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting

Technology has become part and parcel of our lives to offer new possibilities that, when used in a smart and witty way, make things a lot easier for us. In this case, it’s time to talk about lighting solutions with smart light bulbs.


maine T-3415L

Maine is a design from the Goula / Figuera studio. Its creation was inspired by the aesthetics of enormous nineteenth century ships.

iluminación en arquitectura

Architecture and lighting, a perfect match?

It is not that architecture and lighting are a perfect match, It is that they are inseparable. Good architecture is not possible without the proper use of light and, conversely, the lighting design must consider architecture, among others.

Disseny Hub centro diseño

Barcelona, The city of design

Barcelona historically has always been associated with design. The most innovative ideas, the most creative artists and architects... all have a special place in this city. And the Disseny Hub is undoubtedly a reference space. 

francesc rifé interior design

Button by Francesc Rifé

Button is a new creation with sinuous and rounded forms

diseño interior

Designer, Architect or Interior Decorator?

Great product designers are not only industrial design engineers; many are architects and interior decorators. Could this be the key to their success?


Folio, a clean sculptural design

Do you remember we talked about Pablo Figuera? He participated in the design of the original sofa-bed-playhouse Orwell and also in the design of the desktop lamp Folio, some of the latest news from Estiluz.

piu led wal sconce

Piu, vibrant colours

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Cool Hunting

Trend hunters

Do we pursue trends or create them?

participación colaborativa

Together, Much Better

We live in a time when the business practices of collaboration succeed against competition and rivalry and this was demonstrated by Estiluz, Ondarreta and Kriska Decor in the last Stockholm fair, sharing a stand.

Scandinavian design

Scandinavian design, a human design

Think for a moment about Scandinavian style (also called Nordic). What comes to mind? Its modern, simple and functional designs ... But the Scandinavian style is much more than this: it is a human design.

cornet lamps for hotel room

Cornet, geometric and fine edges.

With geometric and fine edges, this model is perfect for hotel and residential bedrooms.

¡Hola Estiluz 2.0!

Hi Estiluz 2.0!

Moving from a traditional product towards avant-garde & design while both concepts still coexist in harmony is not easy.

It is even harder to convey the confidence in our brand values, ​​started with the company in late 60s, and reinforce them in future. Quite a challenge .

But the result of this long process taken as a challenge has come to an end. Therefore we say Hi Estiluz 2.0!

fiesta de la luz Lyon, iluminación y arte

The festival of light

For four days every year at this time the French city of Lyon is illuminated with lights. Facades and monuments are transformed into art thanks to the effects of the light and shade that are projected onto them. Do you know why there is this festival?

Carpet wall light in a hotel room

Carpet wall sconce, lighting and reading

Carpet A-2910 wall sconce in a contemporary hotel room. It provides general lighting and a pleasant light over the bed, perfect for reading.

Gira 1978 y P-1062 de Estiluz clásicos del diseño español

Redesigning our classics: Gira 1978 and P-1062L

Modern rooms filled with classic-contemporary lamps. GIRA 1978 is a classic Spanish design, now reedited by Estiluz, P-1062 has been updated with an LED light and a simpler base and body. 

obs pendant

obs T-3226

The OBS collection has been inspired by basic natural forms, separating the necessary from the superfluous to create a truly eco-logical lamp.

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Lámparas de diseño Carpet A-2910 y Luck T-2443 en un restaurante

Luck and Carpet in contract spaces

The CARPET wall sconce is an original design that is both beautiful and multi-functional . For the LUCK, Ximo Roca was inspired by modernist glass shapes for this up-to-date, stylish piece.

floor lamp poulpe

poulpe P-2949

The POULPE lamp is outstanding for the sensual design of its different versions, featuring large, evocative shapes. POUPLE is a product of the imagination of Oriol Llahona.

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dot nan serraydelarocha festival peralada castell jardins codicgi interioristes giron

VILLAGE gardens in Festival de Peralada 2013

CODIC (Col.legi d’Interiors i decoradors de Catalunya/Girona) has been responsible for the decoration of the Festival de Peralada 2013 outdoor areas. Dot and Nan products light up the glamourous nights of this prestigious music, dance and culture festival in Peralada. 

siso wall sconce aplique

Siso A-2990

Three inner rings orbit around the inner sphere

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poulpe: sensual and evocative shape

The Poulpe lamp is outstanding for the sensual design, featuring large, evocative shapes. The satinated glass table projects a refined light.

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iluminación exterior de edificios, technical lighitng

Lighting design, festivals and celebrations

Have you noticed that the most important celebrations are related to or use light to dress their events. Typically at Christmas time colored lights fill the streets, Christmas trees and illuminate houses ...

curvas fotométricas, fotometrías, Lux, distribution curves, lumens

Light distribution curves

In Estiluz, the quantity and quality of light is as important as the aesthetical features: a poorly lit environment can lead to unnecessary consumption, poor distribution of light or improper selection of fixtures.




Please use the links below to download our current literature

2010 Estiluz/Blauet General Catalog:

2012 Estiluz Supplement:    

2012 El Torrent Catalog – US:


Siso table lamp M-2997, floor lamp P-2998, wall sconce A-2990

Siso, a warm ambience

SISO completes the family with the wall sconce, table lamp and floor lamp verions, available in white and chrome finishes as a standard.

Dot lamps for outdoor M-2907 and P-2909X

Illuminated sunset

DOT is an outdoor collection of lamps with a polyetilene shade.

infiore, suspension, T-5805, estiluz, lagranja

Infiore, a touch of colour

Bi-injected polycarbonate petals provide a pleasant light with different tones and colour effects.


infiore M-5807

With its naive, sober, yet up-to-date appearance, the INFIORE table lamp can shed light and give out its energy anywhere in your home


siso P-2998

Designed by estudi Ribaudí, the SISO floor lamp has a white, satinized glass shade surrounded by three decorative aluminum rings