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Since its origins in Spain, Estiluz has been devoted to
design, development, manufacturing
and the distribution of high-range decorative lighting products.
We currently have international subsidiaries offices
in Paris (1991), New York (1993) and Frankfurt (2002).

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meet the designers

Francesc Rife

His career as an interior and industrial designer begins during the period of his academic training through various collaborations with architecture and design studios. He also assumes personal projects.

In 1994 he founded his own studio in Barcelona and currently leads a team of professionals trained in various fields of design.

His projects, national and international, range from interior to industrial design in the commercial and private sectors. The studio also has considerable experience in graphic design projects, photography and art direction. Its design philosophy is based on the spatial and geometric proportion.

Throughout his career Rifé has received many prizes in the field of design, like ContractWorld Awards, ICFF Editors Awards, Ascer Prizes, and FAD Awards. Also, he has been nominated for the National Design Awards and the Delta Awards for Industrial Design.

His work has been widely reported in the press and specialized publications and books nationally and internationally. Also several books that collect his most outstanding works have been published.

Currently he combines teaching with an active role in workshops, meetings, and conferences throughout the Spanish territory and internationally.

C/ Escoles Pies, 25 Baixos
08017 Barcelona
Tel.: 93 414 12 88
Fax: 93 241 28 14


Button. Camino al reconocimiento global.
Our proposal of dynamic and futurist lighting designed by Francesc Rifé Button won the Reddot Award 2016 in Lighting design category. Designed and produced under eco-design criteria, methodology applied aimed at environmental improvement in all processes of life, since its creation in the conceptual stage, production, performance and treatment as waste actions, Button is a unique lamp:...